This site was created for the purpose of making available music that was created by New England bands/artists, and is otherwise unavailable or hard to find. I believe that music should be available to those who want to hear it. All of the music on this site is posted with permission of the respective artists, many times even submitted by the artist. If you have any legal standing to ask me to remove music from the site, please get in touch via email and let me know.

This site is strictly not-for-profit. The "donate" link up top allows donations to be made, via PayPal, directly to the web hosting bill and nothing else. So you can rest assured I'm not making any money off of this site. I'll also never be putting advertisements up to gain revenue from the sites visitors. My intention is only to make music available. No catch, no ulterior motive.

Any band/artist from New England is free to submit music to the site. With a few exceptions: I don't accept music that conveys a message of hate or bigotry. I don't accept parts of a completed work (i.e. don't ask to put up a few of your band's songs as a form of promotion like you would on MySpace or something). If you wish to submit music, I encourage you to do so. I ask that if you're submitting the digital music yourself, please have it in MP3 format and at least 192kbps. Files of a lower quality may not be accepted. You're also free to send physical copies of your music on CD, Vinyl, or Cassette formats to me directly... I'll make quality rips of your music and post it to the site. Get in touch with me via the email address posted below.