Will Brierly and the Roller Holsters
My name is Will and I play in this band called Will Brierly and the Roller Holsters. So this is how it works, I know some musicians that i really like and I write songs, we get together and play them. The most interesting description I have heard people say about us is that we sound like a mix between Ani Difranco, Ben Folds, Radiohead and a little bit of G.G. Allin. I kind of like that description. The way the band works is we don't really rehearse we just play. And it's always a different setup of band, we have had everything from solo sets to 11 piece band, so you never know what's going to happen, unless you ask me and then chances are I'll tell ya. So yup that's us.

Campfire in 309d
J. Cage Vs. P. Glass