The Secret Channel

The Secret Channel was started by Jim Dias (x-Statue Factor, x-Runner & The Thermodynamics) and Eddie Gutierrez. I joined them after reading a Craig's List post looking for more members. Mark Pinansky (Runner & The Thermodynamics) got us in touch with Christine Moore, who came on to play bass. We were off to a quick start, playing a show on WERS before we even had a demo done. That show became our demo. From there, we went on to record a 7" on borrowed time. We played around as much as possible, splitting time between bar shows and all-ages hall shows. We got some good press in Punk Planet, the Village Voice and some online zines. Heartattack hated us. Most of the favorable reviews read like a chinese restaurant lunch special: Take one from column A (British Invasion bands) and one from column B (post-punk bands). I guess that's as good a descriptor of our sound as any. Anyhow, Christine decided to split to pursue a career as a hairdresser. She was replaced with Billy VanDuyne for a brief while. I left amicably after a few more months. Following that, the band played one last show and split for good. - Peter

I Heard You on the Wireless
1. Soundcheck
2. Like a Heart Attack
3. The Loudest Sound
4. Listening
5. Love is a Mystery
6. Caliber of Cruelty
7. I've Got a Secret
8. No Room for an Enemy
9. Outside Looking In
10. No Substitute
11. Kill or Cure