The Informant

The Informant is duo of topical singers that formed in Hartford, CT on New Years Day 2006 and exists wherever the tides push them. They are punks and play acoustic guitars but would prefer if you didn't call them a folk-punk band. Their songs and message are simple: four chords and destroy the capitalist empire before it destroys you. Some songs on 'Topical Songs for Troubled Times' feature Washington D.C.'s MC Dive and Paris's MDH. The Informant has also released a split LP with Adam Caires.

Live at Barnard St in Hartford 06.01.07
1. Communism Stands for Cooperation
2. Dirge for the People of Iraq
3. Something to Remember During Tax Season
4. Cursing Concrete (Rumbleseat)
5. Dirge for Ramona

Topical Songs for Troubled Times
1. What the Corporate Media Isn't Telling You (Will Kill Us All)
2. Dirge for the People of Iraq
3. Communism Stands for Cooperation
4. A Letter Home
5. Building a Revolutionary
6. Anthifesto
7. First We Take Manhattan
8. Dirge for Gary Webb
9. Time's Running Out
10. Dirge for Ramona
11. Draft-Dodger Rag
12. Slip and Fall
13. Question & Answer
14. Something to Remember for Tax Season