The Big Big Bucks
The Big Big Bucks are a rock band from Boston, though members originate from many different places, and the band currently resides in Maine. Ex-members of bands such as Minamata, Pretty Faces, Bete Noire, etc.

Live on WUML - 2008
1. Future Car
2. The Cat is in the Bag
3. Sweaty and Desperate
4. Be a Baby
5. Two for You
6. Formal Affair/Casual Dress
7. New Socks, New Sneaks

Rabbit Rabbit EP
1. Formal Affair/Casual Dress
2. We Eat Our Friends
3. Arsenal Compliments Wardrobe
4. Free World Travel
5. We're Well Trained/We Shoot From the Hip

1. Well Fitted Furs
2. The Confident Rendezvous
3. Personal Calls Comp...
4. Guage Your Danger