Paraffin Section

Paraffin Section made music from August 2001 until February 2005. Band members included Ethan Costello on guitar and vocals, Jon Glancy on drums and vocals and Abe Taber on bass and vocals. Depending on the performance or recording various members also played electric cello, analog synthesizer, singing bell, additional guitar, sampler and other strange noisemakers. Paraffin Section recorded a self-titled 5 song EP with their trusted friend Rick behind the console in 2002. The album featured four tracks from the sessions and a live version of "Into the Sun" recorded at their first show. An outtake from the sessions (it was the first thing recorded to tape) called "Reminds of Memories and Feelings" found its way onto the So Lo-fi, It's No-fi Records Polar Coordination comp. The band often improvised at practice in an effort to come up with new material. These improvisations were usually recorded and the best were compiled into an unofficial collection appropriately titled Improvisations. The band also recorded several demos of newer material (many from WUML's Live from the Fallout Shelter) but fully realized versions with vocals do not exist. Paraffin Section played their last show, the Bands Against Bush Benefit at Evos Arts, on October 16, 2004 with Gabriel Cruser, Color and Talea, and Sparrows Swarm and Sing. Jon Glancy has released solo recordings under the name Static Progression and currently performs with Degan, also of New Hampshire's Fetish Chicken. Abe went on to play drums in Abernathy and currently plays bass for the Slurred Murrays.

1. B.M.A.V.
2. Scratch
3. Papier Mache
4. Six Knew Scooby
5. 5-7

2. Meditation Jam
3. Circles Are the Wave of the Future
4. Turn Style
5. Into the Sun
6. Ice Is Frozen
7. Grasping at Straws

Parrafin Section
1. The Forward Hour
2. Mountains and Beaches
3. Happy Song
4. Still Life
5. Into the Sun

Polar Coordination Comp
19. Reminds of Memories and Feelings