Now Denial
Now Denial is a stoned-out punk/hardcore band from Lowell/Boston, MA. The live recordings are from a performance on The Fallout Shelter, which is a college radio show on WUML 91.5 in Lowell, MA. Note that the vocals in the first song are missing for a lot of it. Brothers Not Fighting is the first 7" ND released, it was in 2003 on Tor Johnson Records and is still available. This includes an early version of "This is an Intervention" that was recorded with the Brothers Not Fighting 7", but never released. The song was later re-recorded for Power to the Mountain.

Jarrod Delong and Adam Caires also play in Lonesome Republic, and Adam Caires in Bar Sinister.

Live from the Fallout Shelter - 06.20.05
1. Reason
2. Emergency Crisis
3. Bloodfeast
4. Days of Rage
5. Genius Einstein from Hell Meets the Wolfman on Steroids

Brothers Not Fighting
1. Step One: Establish Command Presence
2. We've Got The Bullets, Let's Make Some Holes
3. This is an Intervention (out-take from Brothers Not Fighting sessions)