Night Rally
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Preston Family Crest
1. Kip Preston Thoroughly Exits The Dragon
2. South Pacific Part II
3. The Day That Devin Pissed Blood
4. Rising/Shining
5. Good Morning, You're Listening To Jazz
6. Hey Reeces
7. Falling/Glistening
8. Remember, November, ember
9. ...
10. More Breakin' Than Graf
11. Larking Elders, Lovers All
12. Shoop John B
13. A Dinner Party
14. A Birthday Party
15. Humour Is Non Sequitur
16. Entonces, Qué Lástima Parts I & II

Split with Clickers
1. Good Morning, You're Listening to Jazz
2. Hey, Reeces
3. Remember, November, ember

The Elegant Look of New
1. South Pacific Pt. II
2. Humor is Non Sequitur
3. The Day Devin Pissed Blood
4. A Birthday Party