My Magnificent Machine

My Magnificent Machine (1998-2000)
Pat O'Dea - Vocals, Jon Howard - Guitar, Vocals, Don Belcastro - Bass, Dan Jakes - Drums.

My Magnificent Machine was based out of the Boston suburb of Foxboro, MA. They played about 50 diy shows in the New England area, put out an EP, a 7", and a few misc recordings. Recordings by Keith Souza (Machines With Magnets) at Sampson Studios in Tiverton, RI.

Following this band, Jon did vocals for Moment and Don played guitar for There Were Wires. Later, Pat did vocals for Boston metal band Trinity Test. Dan Jakes is a singer/songwriter releasing recordings with the band Stompinground.

1. Asterisks In Solution
2. My War (Black Flag cover)
3. The Control Tower

Suicide As Motivation
1. Suicide As Motivation
2. Torn Asunder

1. An Old Illness
2. A Puffed Up Chest
3. If No One Could Talk
4. The Stories On Our Faces