Kicked in the Head
Kicked in the Head was a prominent punk rock band from Boston, MA. Most of their records were put out by Boston-based Fork in Hand Records. The band called it quits in 2005.

1. All The Way
2. Letter
3. Arizona
4. Delilah
5. Battle Cry

Thick as Thieves
1. The Witness
2. Breakdown
3. Lost Cause
4. Deep, Down & Dirty
5. In Trouble Again
6. Tidal Wave
7. S.F.U.
8. Fix My Sink
9. Wake Up
10. Put Up A Fight
11. Us Against The World
12. Cannonball

All in the Family (Split with The Goonies)
1. Spring Fever (Live)
2. Fix My Stink
3. Swing And Shake
4. Churn It Up (Live)

World Domination
1. Fans, Cans & Sams
2. Sufferin' From Succatash
3. Ya Dumped
4. Churn It Up
5. Ape Swing
6. Bitch
7. Crash And Burn
8. Brian You Suck
9. Plain Cereal
10. Strongest Man In The World

Rare & Unreleased
Disregard the Runner Up
The Mountain
Moving On
Tire Me (Rage Against the Machine)
Stop (Jane's Addiction)