Jackson Plastic

This record was recorded in February of 2003, with the older lineup. It was recorded mostly at the studios at Tisch at NYU for free. Jackson Plastic lasted about a year after this was recorded and then broke up.Line for this recording was:
Jesus Jackson (aka Miles Robinson) - vocals, guitar, keys
dr. ? (aka Dan Wholey) - backup vocals, scree guitar, poignancy
mr. something (aka Ben Coopersmith) - digital guitar, insanity
champion 6000 (aka Tom) - bass
mackey mouse (aka Mike) - drums

Dan Wholey was also the founder of the now-defunct Earth People Orchestra, and as of Summer 2010 is working on a new record the details of which are yet to be announced.

No Fun
1. Post-Popularity
2. Complete Recycling
3. The Other
4. The Shakes
5. Let It Let Go
6. My Pocket
7. Dogs for Pavlov
8. Home for Head
9. Gold Honda
10. The Rhyme
11. No Eyes Not Blind
12. House Piano
13. Long Island Outro