In Public

In Public began as a short-lived project that combined elements of lo-fi rock and electronic music to create an album and live show in the Summer of 2002. The band took to the road for a tour openning for Boston hardcore act There Were Wires and went on an indefinite hiatus shortly thereafter, although members continued working together on recordings that may be eventually be released under the In Public name. This demo was recorded by Alden Fertig at WERS, Emerson College, Boston, MA.
In Public is Jon Howard(Vocals), Pat O'Dea(Synth/Programming), Denis Makarov(Bass/Programming), Sean MacNeil(Drums).

In Public
1. Track 01
2. Track 02
3. Track 03
4. Track 04
5. Track 05
6. Track 06
7. Track 07
8. Track 08
9. Track 09
10. Track 10