Five-0-Five was a punk band from Lowell, MA up until around 2000. Their original sound was raw and had strong influence from East Bay punk bands like Crimpshrine. Over the years their sound matured quite a bit and they eventually all went on to other projects. "Stubborn" is the last song that they wrote and recorded before breaking up. Dan Carney (guitar, vocals) went on to release solo material , as well as play in bands like Crimson Crimson and Roll the Tanks. Mike Wakeham (bass, vocals) also played in Phil, and went on to play in The Doppler Effect, and Roll the Tanks. Craig Proulx played drums in Five-0-Five.


Skating on Uppers
1. Skating on Uppers
2. The Storm
3. Buck 25
4. Sometimes Silly
5. Paying to Die
6. Judgemental Teacher
7. 1776
8. Cool Dude
9. Justice
10. Lupus
11. Fratricide
12. AYO
13. Someday
14. Free Will (Crimpshrine Cover)

Live on WJUL (Lowell)
1. Skating on Uppers
2. Social Contract
3. Day to Die
4. Fratricide
5. Justice
6. Free Will (Crimpshrine)
7. 200 Million Bombs

Rising Up From Shitville Comp.
7. Social Contract
8. 200 Million Bombs
9. I Hate Winta (live)

Split 7" with Phil
1. Buck 25
2. Lupus

Clean Up the Streets
1. Clean Up
2. Private Property
3. We All Need
4. What I Want