Crimson Crimson

Crimson Crimson was a riffy pop-punk band from the Merrimack Valley (MA) around 2001. Members included Dan Carney (Roll the Tanks, Five-O-Five, etc), Mike Tucker (Minamata, Bete Noire, The Big Big Bucks), Will Lopez (Good for Nothing, etc), Dave Batton, and Jay Moloney (The Doppler Effect, etc).

Lost Demos
1. Mistaken
2. Van Gogh's Left Ear
3. The Cheese

Crimson Crimson
1. Paper Thin Ears
2. Not This Time
3. Side A
4. Oh Jenny
5. Whatever I Do
6. From Here on In
7. Unknown Awesome
8. My Sunshine
9. My Memory: My Enemy
10. Upsidedown Head