Clickers was a post-hardcore/post-punk/whatever band based out of Allston, Massachusetts. They had their first practice on November 1, 2002, played their first show on March 29, 2003, and played their last show on June 13, 2005. In their time together, they self-released two EPs and shared a split 12" LP with Night Rally, released on Honeypump Records. The members of Clickers were: Mike Gintz (guitar/keyboards/programming/vocals), Doug Harry (guitar/vocals), Ross Farley (bass), and Matt Rogers (drums/vocals).

Split with Night Rally(available from Honeypump Records
1. Proverbs for Paranoids 3
2. Don't Laugh At Me (But Sometimes I Feel Like A Vessel)
3. Vs. The Cooling Of The Universe
4. ...And Put Away Wet

1. That's Just the First Bell
2. Sharks
3. We Are Very Happy with Our Lives Right Now
4. My Life As a Failed Impartial Observer
5. Encoded to Fool Others

1. They Were All Asking the Same Question
2. Youth in Transit
3. Why Don't You Pass the Time by Playing a Little Solitaire
4. We Never Shut Up
5. Shotgun on All Things to Come

The Pincher

Live 10.10.04 @ The Middle East Upstairs
1. Intro
2. Youth in Transit
3. They Were All Asking the Same Question
4. (Thanks)
5. We Never Shut Up
6. Cooling of the Universe
7. (A Story About Bloop)
8. My Life as a Failed Impartial Observer
9. The Pincher
10. Riddle Me This
11. That's Just The First Bell