Bete Noire
Bete Noire was a post-punk band from Lowell and Allston, MA. Though they fused elements of punk, indie, and straight ahead rock 'n' roll, their sound was ever-evolving. They started off poppy and ended up spastic and strange. The recording here is from the middle of their tenure, representing both the rock sensibilities of their early material and a hint of the less predictable songs yet to come. It is, to their own knowledge, the only surviving recording. (If anyone has a copy of the recording that Dan Carney did, send it here!) Members of Bete Noire ended up in various other musical endeavors, including Minamata, Davy Jones Locker, The Big Big Bucks, Sparrows: Swarm and Sing, and The Reliance Band.

1. We Hung Ourselves with Studded Belts
2. If You Think this Song is About You, Then it Probably is
3. Massart John Doe #3759
4. You've Got What I'm Looking for in a Taxidermist
5. I don't need a Fucking Intervention
6. Lukewarm for Teacher