Adam Caires

Adam Caires, more known for playing guitar in Now Denial, writes some of the most intense, moving music that can be done with just a man and a guitar. Aside from these demos and live recordings, Adam has released a split LP with The Informant. Adam also plays guitar and sings in Bar Sinister, as well as plays bass and sings backups in Lonesome Republic.

Live at Barnard St in Hartford 06.01.07
1. My Own Idaho
2. Infinite to Extinct
3. Love Yourself and Smile Big
4. Dopesick
5. Based on a True Story

Things Duct Tape Can't Fix
1. Ugly Mouth
2. Get Out Now
3. It's a Secret to Everybody
4. Ghostwriter
5. Sneak
6. Walk Into the Waterfall
7. Wunderkind

Demo - 09.30.05
1. Exodus
2. Based on a True Story
3. Any City
4. Soon it Will Not Hold You
5. 50 Years of Work
6. Try Again Next Year
7. In the Doorway (Misfits)

Demo - 12.01.04
1. Big, Empty Beds
2. Speaking Terms
3. Shin Splints and Abandonment Issues
4. The Sinatra Waltz
5. Sinatra Reprise