Abernathy existed from October 2004 until February 2006. The band originally featured Jim Connolly (formerly of Mechanical Sharkhead, the Ottomans, the Hymen Maneuver and Late) on guitar and vocals, Kristy Murnane on bass and backing vocals and Abe Taber (formerly of Paraffin Section) on drums and backing vocals. In June 2005, the band added Matt Ozelius on second guitar and backing vocals. The band never recorded a proper demo or album and their only full band recording is taken from their July 25, 2005 performance on WUML's Live from the Fallout Shelter. Despite having a lack of recorded output, Abernathy did manage to win OUtlET Magazine's 2005 Valence Award for Best Song for "O Mon Dieu". Jim now performs as Moe Cushion Electro Superstar, Kristy has gone on to play bass in as-yet-unnamed all-female group and Abe is playing bass in the Slurred Murrays.

Live from the Fallout Shelter: 07.25.05
1. Doesn't Take Much to Make Me Happy
2. Dancefloor Massacre
3. Lighter Song
4. O Mon Dieu
5. Eeyore
6. Technocrats
7. Excuse Me
8. Geek Song
9. AM Radio